Puppies! (Historical Puppies, Not New Ones)

I’ve mentioned that I found some treasures during a couple of cleaning projects I undertook recently (see here and here). And I’ve written about the two puppies that my family acquired over Memorial Day weekend in 1997 (see here and here). (Someday I’ll post the story of how they were named.)

Sara in the lead, though Lexi became the alpha dog

One of the treasures I found was pictures of those mutts as puppies—pictures I’d forgotten we’d taken. These pictures were taken the week we brought Lexi and Sara home from the pound. Lexi later became the alpha dog, but we didn’t know that when we got them.

As puppies, the dogs weren’t camera shy, but they became so as they grew up. In fact, one of them, Sara, bolted whenever she saw a camera. Occasionally, I could adjust my camera at a distance in silence then sneak up on her, but not often. And I only got one chance. I have lots of red-eyed photos and blurry streaks as Sara ran away.


Her littermate, Lexi, was less afraid, but also less photogenic. Lexi wasn’t as afraid of the camera, but if Sara scurried off, then Lexi wasn’t going to let her go alone.


Cameras weren’t the only thing that caused Sara to hide. Our original laundry equipment didn’t bother her, but after we got a new set, she made new rules. She ran from the washer (very noisy) and dryer (which buzzed when the load was done). She also ran from thunder and firecrackers. Any loud noise was an excuse to take to her bed in the basement. If the door to the basement was shut, she ran upstairs and jumped on the bed—a definite no-no, but hey, when there’s thunder, what’s a girl to do?

These puppy pictures reminded me why we got the dogs in the first place. They caused a lot of trouble, but they sure were cute. I suppose my kids can be forgiven for choosing them. Hard to believe it was twenty years ago. I’ve been happily pet-free now for over five years.

What causes your pets to scurry to safety?

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