Forever Mine

Yearning for love, fifteen-year-old Esther Pershing is stuck on a wagon train to Oregon. Her father leads the 1847 company, her mother is ailing, and her younger siblings need her care. Nineteen-year-old Daniel Abercrombie, the only suitable young man on the journey, catches her fancy.

Though old enough to file a land claim in Oregon, Daniel is still a boy in his parents’ eyes. Smitten by Esther’s beauty and spirit, Daniel seeks her out.

What chance does the young couple’s romance have, when their fathers argue at every turn of the trail and their travels bring only danger, disease, and death?

NOTE: Although Forever Mine is the third book published, it takes place at the start of this series’ chronology and can be read as the first in the series.

Amazon Review

. . . Theresa Hupp gives her readers a realistic picture of the adventure and hardship inherent in a wagon train trek across the country on the Oregon Trail in the 1800's. As young love struggles to find its way despite family tensions and difficulties, the romantic element adds to a portrayal of the intimate personal lives of the adventurers. . . .

Amazon Review

Hupp researches her books with care, plots them well, describes the land beautifully, and makes the people of these books come alive with vivid characterizations. . . . I like FOREVER MINE the best because of its protagonist, fifteen-year-old Esther Pershing. . . . Esther’s bright and cheerful spirit and ultimately her inner strength balance out the hardships and tragedies of the journey.