I am Thankful for You, My Readers

MP900309568This year one of the many things I am grateful for is the readers of this blog. While the number of regular followers is small compared to many blogs, I appreciate the steady growth I have seen month over month. Earlier this month, the blog reached 20,000 views. Over 300 people have subscribed in one form or another, and it touches many more people occasionally through Facebook and Twitter.

Old friends and new friends, relatives and strangers, I’ve come to know many readers better through their comments. You are among the blessings in my life.

One regular commenter died a few months ago and I feel his loss, but other readers will bring new insights as time moves on. I look forward to hearing from more of you in the future.

As I reflect on my life each week, as I write about my memories of personal stories and reactions to historical events, I hope you reflect on your life as well. Then maybe you will write about your experiences—at least for yourself and for your family, if not for general publication.

A friend asked me a few months ago what themes I had found in my life through writing this blog. I can’t answer that question yet, but I am confident that someday I will. Perhaps some of you will help me. In the meantime, I do believe in the value of a well-examined life.

Here are a few of the most popular posts from this year:

Enjoy these again, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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