Chihuly Garden and Glass Gallery


Room-sized Chihuly glass sculpture

I’ve done a fair amount of sightseeing in Seattle, but I’d never been to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Gallery until a trip this autumn. The gallery and gardens sit under the Space Needle, but somehow I’d always passed them by. This time, I made a special visit just to see them.


Chihuly glass piece based on Native American basket

I was disappointed in the gallery itself. Not that the glass pieces aren’t fabulous—they are. But they were displayed in dark rooms, the museum was crowded on the day I went, and I couldn’t spent the time examining the works up close and at length, the way I wanted to.

Plus, I was hungry and thirsty.

So I rushed through the eight rooms in the gallary and found my way to the cafe. There I sat for awhile with iced tea and panna cotta, while I listened to the online audio program of what I’d just seen. [link]

I should have done the visit in reverse—eaten first and put some caffeine in me, then listened to the audio program either before or while I went through the galleries. I should have gone through the museum at my own pace despite the crowds.


In Chihuly glasshouse, showing proximity to Space Needle

But at least I did the gardens right. After my snack in the cafe revived me, I walked through the glasshouse outside to the gardens, not really intending to spend much time there. But it was a lovely fall afternoon, mid-60s and sunny—Seattle on its best behavior. I lingered in the gardens, taking many pictures.

The gardens are a fantastic and fantastical blend of natural and man-made treasures. A juxtaposition of nature and of art.


Log and glass



What is natural? What is man-made?


What is natural? What is man-made?

I took whimsical “selfies” of myself with the Space Needle mirrored in glass globes.



Can you see me?


How about now?

I definitely recommend a vist to the Chihuly Museum and Gardens. And to the cafe. But take your time. And go on a sunny day.

When have you been surprised by an art experience?

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