Everyone’s a Critic

My husband and I recently returned from a week-long trip to Florida. I worked some on my writing, but mostly I drank up the sunshine and warmth. The respite from mid-western cold and snow was a much needed treat.

But during the week, I did have to face several critics. As a writer, I know about critics. The ones I saw last week, however, helped me reflect on the many varieties of criticism we face in life.

There are critics who sit around waiting for you to make a mistake. Like when you drop a sandwich crumb, which they are prepared to steal immediately.

gull cropped

There are critics who ignore you. These are the ones who turn their backs when you need help.

manatee cropped

There are critics who want only to hang you out to dry.

drying anhinga cropped

There are critics who add their own opinion to everything you say. Even when they’re just squawking.

anhinga cropped

And there are critics who ridicule your every effort. They also throw their weight around when you least expect it.

alligator cropped

Thank goodness, my critique groups don’t fit any of these categories.

What kind of critics do you face in your life?

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  1. I’m glad you were able to escape winter and enjoy a little sunshine and warm temperatures. Theresa.
    After enjoying temperatures in the 70’s yesterday, we are now in the 20’s, but that’s March.
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

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