You Know Your Children Are Grown When . . . [Part IV]

Here’s another list of instances when I have been struck by how independent and mature (well, most of the time) my children are.

You know your children are grown when . . .

1. You see them for the first time after your parent dies and you burst into tears and they comfort you like you comforted them when they were toddlers.

2. You’re cleaning out your parents’ house to ready it for sale and they volunteer to take the wine.

3. They move to the same city as a significant other.

4. They spend more on dog care than you spent on child care when they were kids.

IMG9505155. They travel so much for business they’ve earned elite status with an airline. Something you’ve never had.

6. When they consider changing jobs, they think about health and retirement benefits. (I taught them well.)

7. They buy a nicer car than you have. New. For cash.

Some of these occurrences may be amusing, but they are milestones nonetheless.

Have your children impressed you with their responsibility recently?

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