A Summer Short: Sights on the Olympic Peninsula

I recently returned from another visit to see family on the Olympic Peninsula.

It’s a place:

  • Where picturesque villages line ocean inlets


  • Where mountains vie with evergreens for majesty


  • Where Mount Rainier can be seen from the Wal-Mart parking lot (look through the cart rack)

cropped 20140709_122110-001

  • Where wildflowers grow as profusely as gardens


  • Where subdivision streets resemble the forest primeval


  • Where hikers leave stout sticks for followers to use


  • Where large swaths of grass get beaten down, perhaps by the deer that wander the roads


  • Where neighbors warn each other about bear sightings.

Thank goodness I don’t have a picture to share on this last point!

But my first day, the neighborhood association sent out an email on what to do if confronted by a bear. And on my last day, the next door neighbor informed us that she’d seen a bear in her back yard in mid-morning.

Where have you seen an abundance of nature’s glory?

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  1. Theresa, I hope you are well after your family-focused journey.
    In answer to your question, because I live in the Pacific Northwest, rural Redmond, Washington to be exact, I see nature’s abundance every day. Just finished my breakfast this a.m. when a mother deer and her two fawns made their daily morning trek through my back yard. Last week a bobcat caused a ruckus when it ambled through my front yard; the area crows warned all crow families within a 5 mile radius to be on the look out. It was the crows’ screeching that drew my attention to the bobcat.

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