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IMAG0632A year ago I wrote about my then-new Nook HD and my favorite app at the time—Flipboard. My Nook HD isn’t so new anymore, but I continue to love it.

Shortly after I got my Nook HD for Christmas 2012, Barnes & Noble opened up the Nook HD to non-Nook apps, so it is now essentially a 7-inch Android tablet device. In fact, for Christmas 2013, my husband gave me a Google Nexus 7 tablet, but I returned it. Other than a camera, it didn’t have anything to offer that the Nook HD did not. I have no reason not to like the Nexus 7, but I didn’t need another device, and my Nook HD is still performing fine.

Now that most Android apps work on the Nook HD, I read both Nook ebooks and Kindle ebooks on my Nook. With the Kindle Android app, there is no reason not to. I admit I felt guilty the first time I downloaded a Kindle book for my Nook, because I do feel some brand loyalty to Nook. But Barnes & Noble opened themselves up to my treachery by permitting Nooks to use the Android Kindle app.

Besides, some of my writer friends only publish their ebooks on Kindle. I have published for both Kindle and Nook, and I will continue to do so. Again, my brand loyalty. And a desire to keep Amazon from taking over the publishing and retailing world. But when I can get a free book through Kindle and not through Nook, I will download the Kindle version.

Plus, I still get most of my ebooks through my library’s Overdrive app, which works great on the Nook HD.

IMAG0633I still love the Flipboard app also. I browse the pages like I would a magazine and feast on the gorgeous images. But instead of having to rip pages out of the magazine to save interesting articles (then wonder where I put them in my haphazard non-filing system), I can post the articles directly to Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or email them to friends. Then I know where they are.

I keep three Twitter accounts—one  in my own name (@MTHupp), one for my pseudonym, and one for a writers’ group known as @WriteBrainTrust. If you’re a reader, please follow my personal Twitter account and/or my Facebook Author page. If you’re a writer, please follow WriteBrainTrust on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

I don’t know what will happen to Barnes & Noble’s Nook business. It is having a hard time financially, and more bad news seems to come weekly. But in me they have one satisfied customer.

Nevertheless, I will survive just fine if Nook goes out of business. At that point I would probably buy an Android tablet such as the Nexus 7. But I’m in no rush.

I also love my new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone (which I bought after I returned the Nexus 7). But that’s another post.

What is your favorite electronic device and how do you use it?

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