Preserve Your Family’s Stories During National Family History Month

Granddad Hooker, Theresa & brother

Granddad Hooker, Theresa & brother

October is National Family History Month—a month for those with an interest in genealogy to spend a little extra time on their hobby, and a month for all of us to reflect on our forebearers and on how our pasts have shaped our todays and tomorrows.

For tips on activities you and your children can do during National Family History Month, go to Family Tree Magazine here, to the Family History Research Group here, or to’s Genealogy page here.

Some of my favorite family history projects from these sites include:

  • Asking older relatives about their childhood memories
  • Putting together a scrapbook of old family photos—labeled, of course, so you’ll know in years to come who those people are
  • Keeping a journal of your daily life
  • Writing your own life story—don’t worry if no one has asked; some day they will want it
  • Telling the story behind some of your favorite possessions
  • Creating a family recipe book, complete with the story of how each recipe came into your family
  • Putting together your family’s medical history, which can be a lifesaver, as well as tell you more about your ancestors
Theresa's parents in high school, ready for the dance

Theresa’s parents in high school, ready for the dance

One of the things I have loved about writing this blog is the opportunity to explore my own family’s history. From love stories to murder, from heirlooms to toys, every bit of history I remember or discover is like finding buried treasure.

Does anyone else in my family care about these stories? Some do. Some may in the future. But in the meantime, I am doing my part to preserve our knowledge of our past.

What do you wish you knew about your ancestors? What can you find out during Family History Month this October?

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  1. I am trying to research my father’s military records. I would very much like to know his rank and where he was during World War I. appreciate the boost to move on it. This family history, as you know, is my kind of genre. Thanks Theresa

  2. I knew little of my father’s mother because she died before I was born. I have a few family stories about her and am “writing her history” in a new book called “The Late Sooner’s Daughter” which is a sequel of “The Late Sooner.”

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