What a Difference a Year Makes!

ER Xray of daughter's leg

ER Xray of daughter’s leg

A year ago I was suffering from the worst stomach flu I’d had in a decade. And within days, my daughter would break her leg skiing, requiring me to leave my sick bed and fly to Vancouver, British Columbia, to care for her.

Plus, my mother had just moved out of her home and into assisted living, and my father’s sister died. My father reminded me of both heart-rending milestones last week.

January and February 2013 were not good months in my family.

??????????ù-2This year, I am happy to report, 2014 has started out more cheerfully. I have been healthy (knock on wood). My daughter’s leg is fully recovered, except she still is not running extensively. She has even resolved most of her international health insurance claims. She rowed in several crew regattas, including the Head of the Charles in Boston in October, and she is closing on the purchase of a house this week.

Meanwhile, my mother’s condition is stable, my son has a girlfriend I like, and my husband and I have plans to travel to a beach setting.

I published a novel in the fall (under a pseudonym, so I won’t give the title here—email me if you want the details). That is one of my major life goals accomplished, and I have two more novels (my Oregon Trail series—the ones I write about in this blog) in the pipeline.

Life looks good compared to a year ago.

But I try not to get complacent, to remain prepared for the sudden twists that make life interesting. I am grateful for my blessings and try to remember them when I despair.

We are forged both by our challenges and by our triumphs. And often one becomes the other.

What has changed for you in a year?

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  1. It sounds as though the new year is treating you well, Theresa. I remember your post about your daughter’s leg. I’m so happy to hear she’s doing well. I’ll be e-mailing you…congratulations!

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