You Know Your Children Are Grown When . . . [Part III]

realestateagentI’ve written before about the change in perspective I’ve developed now that my children are grown. See here and here.

Now, after our Christmas experiences this year, I am facing this upheaval again, because:

  1. One child is looking at buying a house . . . with a real estate agent sending daily lists of prospects, and a mortgage lender sending payment calculations—pretty grown-up stuff.
  2. Another child gave us an extravagant (but needed) Christmas present, a device that continues our technological progression into the 21st century. And then set it up for us.
  3. One child brought a significant other home for the first time over the holidays. Some other woman was treating my baby boy like he was hers! (Actually, they were kind of sweet.)
  4. toyotahighlanderAnother child, when I was grilling my sister-in-law over the logistics of getting her car from the airport to where she is staying, said simply, “Don’t worry, Aunt N­­­____, I’ll take care of it.”

So I guess there really isn’t anything left for me to worry about. They’ve flown the coop.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, of course, I will worry.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What made you realize that your children were grown?

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  1. My mother always said, “Kids grow up and stop being a kid, but you never stop being a mother.” So yeah, the occasional (or even often) worrying continues.

    Nice piece. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. My wife knew that our son had grown up when he recommended she fly Southwest Airlines back from Tucson this Sunday. She realized this at the American Airlines baggage claim center at KCI, probably at the 45 minute point of her wait for her bag she paid $25 to fly back with her.

    Okay, it’s really a complaint, but we knew he had grown up when he started giving us advice that proved to be spot on.

    • Dane,
      I never buy anything electronic these days without soliciting my son’s opinion. And my daughter disapproves of all fashions she hasn’t chosen for me herself.
      It’s hard when they know more than we do.
      Thanks for the comment,

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