Theresa Hupp has lived on both ends of the Oregon Trail, which has inspired her writing. She grew up in Eastern Washington State and in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Her ancestors include early emigrants to Oregon and immigrants to Sacramento, California (though her California forebearers arrived after the Gold Rush). She now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, near the beginning of the Oregon Trail.

Narcissa Whitman was one of Theresa’s childhood heroines. As she was growing up, Theresa was in awe of the strength of the emigrants to Oregon and their fortitude in leaving behind everything and everyone they'd known in their former homes. She began thinking about writing about this era as a teenager, but it took her until her fifties to make it happen.

Theresa is the award-winning author of novels, short stories, essays, and poetry, and has worked as an attorney, mediator, and human resources executive. Lead Me Home, Theresa’s first novel about Mac McDougall and Jenny Calhoun, was published in 2015 and has been a Number One bestselling novel about the Oregon Trail in Amazon’s Kindle Store. Her second novel, Now I'm Found, continuing Mac's and Jenny's story, has been a Number One bestseller about the California Gold Rush in the Kindle Store.

Both Lead Me Home and Now I'm Found have also won awards from the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., and Lead Me Home was runner-up for the 2016 “Show-Me” Best Book Award sponsored by the Missouri Writers Guild.

And Forever Mine was just published in January 2018.

Theresa is now working on another book about some of the same characters as her earlier novels, plus some new emigrants to Oregon who join them.

Theresa has also published a novel—a bestselling financial thriller—under a pseudonym, as well as an anthology under her own name, Family Recipe: Sweet and saucy stories, essays, and poems about family life. In addition, Theresa has short works in various anthologies published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mozark Press, and Kansas City Voices.

Theresa blogged for several years at Story & History: One writer’s journey through life and time. The posts from Story & History have been moved to this website, and Theresa still writes two posts every week for her blog. She often posts about the Oregon Trail and the California Gold Rush, as well as about her writing, her family, and her life. She invites readers to subscribe to her blog. Readers can also follow her on her Facebook Author page, and on her Amazon Author Central page.

Theresa served on the boards of Whispering Prairie Press and The Writers Place, and is a member of the Kansas City Writers Group, the Missouri Writers Guild, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., and Write Brain Trust. She also serves on a variety of non-profit and civic boards and committees not related to writing.

She has a B.A. from Middlebury College and a J.D. from Stanford Law School, and she has worked as an attorney, human resources executive, and mediator.

Inquiries about Theresa's writing and her availability to speak with book clubs, historical societies, writing groups, and others can be made through the "Contact Me" page.